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We often get asked who, how, why and when. We’ll do our best
to answer those questions here. Do you have a question that
we haven’t included? Feel free to contact us!


Where can JR Design & Fabrication ship to?

JR Design & Fabrication would love to be able to get all of our products to every citizen in the ‘verse. Unfortunately our Freelancer Max isn’t quite flight-ready yet so, for the time being, we’re having to deal with terrestrial couriers here on Teren.

As a result, we can ship to UK and EU easily enough and this can be done through the site shopping cart. If we’ve missed your country pleasecontact us and we’ll check that the shipping costs are the same. Currently, a cargo crate (in any format) is £20 in the UK and €23 to the EU.

Desks and the rest of the furniture get slightly more complicated because its based on size, so if you’re buying more than one thing drop us a message because we might be able to work some jigsaw magic that the website algorithm cant cope with. Within the UK, you can expect to pay £160 for a desk delivered (curbside) and €242 in the EU (curbside).

If you want to sort your own delivery, then choose to pick up from Scotland and come see the workshop. We’ll even put you up for the night so we can have a mini BarCitizen. But please let us know that this is your preference before you order.


How can I get products to the US, Canada, Australia etc.?

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Because you’re outside the UK we have to legally export the products to you (and all the paperwork that that entails). On the plus side you will not need to pay our 20% VAT but instead pay your local sales tax + roughly 3% duty (country dependent).

Delivery costs will also vary depending on where in your respective Country you are. So, for example, a fridge crate delivered to Florida (currently) works out at £736 ($1,045) whereas the same crate delivered in the UK is £705 (or $1,001) so the prices are comparable. But we need your postcode so please contact us so we can give you exact figures. The same principle applies to all other products.

If you are interested in buying from us and would like to wait to see if we can build an order book capable of filling a 20ft shipping container then please contact us and we will see how much we can reduce the shipping cost by (this is best for the bigger pieces). We are also working on some smaller products which will be far easier to get across the pond and further afield :)


Why do our products cost so much?

We are aware that our products cost considerably more than mainstream mass-produced alternatives, however, we honestly feel our prices are very competitive when compared with other bespoke furniture makers. Please, also consider the cost of high-grade furniture materials, the amount of design work that goes into replicating the pieces from across the 'verse and the licensing fee to Roberts Space Industries for permission to do so.


What is the build time for our products?

This varies, both depending on the product as well as our workload. We are a small company and can only produce so many pieces at any one time, products will be manufactured on a first come first served basis and customers will be kept apprised at every stage of our predicted build and delivery estimates.


Are these official Star Citizen products?

These products are made by JR Design & Fabrication Ltd. with permission by Cloud Imperium Rights LLC and Cloud Imperium Rights Ltd., but you are contracting only with JR Design & Fabrication which is solely responsible for the products. Any inquiries or fulfilment concerns regarding your purchases need to be directed to JR Design & Fabrication Ltd., and none of the Cloud Imperium or Roberts Space Industries entities haveany responsibility in this regard.


Have a Question not covered above? Please use the form below to contact us.