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JRD+F has an incredible team of people who help bring the Star Citizen universe to life.

You can find out more about them below.

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Now on her third career, Kals was a mental health nurse before leaving to concentrate on building JRD+F. She’s the equivalent of a CIG producer and tries to keep everyone else on track and on budget, not always an easy task.

She’s crafty (in more ways than one), changes her hair colour as often as the weather, loves coffee and anything that involves a needle (from crochet to tattoos) and adores her little greycat cat, Smudge.

Goal: To just be herself & let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that she is!


JR was bored in his old job; all white walls and square tradestands so he built the Artek GSS unit in his spare time, took it to BritizenCon 2017, was awarded MVP and JRDF was born.

He loves the challenge of building things that have never been built before and when he isn’t working on the next crazy project he’s thinking about it!

Any time off involves watching sci-fi with the cats and dream shopping for his next Land Rover

Goal: To build a full size spinning milky-way stargate and have a workshop big enough to have it on the wall.


Our scenic artist and chief painter. She may not be a gamer but has embraced Star Citizen with the best of them. She brings whimsy, joy and creativity to the whole team and when in doubt asks “What would a unicorn do?.

Goal: To catch a rainbow. Or live in a truck. Or a treehouse.

Myzrable G

One of our first team members from within the SC community, chief creator of the asylum podcast. He bakes, cooks, coaches archery and paints models, normally not at the same time, although is always willing to try. His cheecake can convert non believers.

Westbrook Drew

Drew has been in technology distribution for 7 years and building PCs for 25. Entrepreneur in the 3D printing arena with Nickel City 3D, initially sparked by Star Citizen and vows to keep printing bigger and bigger to eventually find a way to get off this planet...

Goal: To learn something new everyday.


Of the Hammerhead and Reclaimer fame. Ungi is an Aerospace Engineer by trade, and a science and sci-fi junky by addiction. He’s a tinkerer, a 3d print hobbiest, dog-dad, and voted "Most likely to induce coma while describing one's self" in highschool.


Steven is the main man behind anything with a pi screen. Think crates, think desks, think Dragonfly. They literally wouldn’t work without him.


The newest member of the team, and most recent convert to Star Citizen. He is a passionate model maker and cannot wait to get his teeth into our ships.


Shawn has been invaluable to us on nearly every event since GamesCom 2017. He may have helped you climb onto the dragonfly at CitizenCon 2948, or you may have come across him in his other role as a CIG volunteer - he makes everything run smoothly and never fails to step up.

Shawn is obsessed with anime and videogames and adores his bois (cats to the rest of us) Domino, Joey, and Maui.


Bob has worked with JR for years, and when he’s not off in Canada with his Mrs, you’ll find him driving trucks and being the Best Damn Crew Boss Ever. #BDCBE