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We’re thrilled to be able to reveal that the next kit model from JRD+F is the . . .




What included in the 1:100 Arrow Kit model?

This kit model includes 54 pieces, with numerous options for you to interchange at will. Can’t decide whether you want to display your prize model in swooping flight or landed on your desk, there’s two sets of tail wings (folded and unfolded), two main wing connectors to allow you to magnetically mount the wings in either mode, two sets of landing gear, pilot ladder (deployed and undeployed), open or closed (Crystal cast) canopy and the ejector seat even slides in and out like it should.

The kit model has all of the correct missile rack and gun mounts with a standardised system for push fitting any relevant weapon onto the Arrow. This means you can build your Arrow with your perfect weapons loadout. In the future, as your tastes change, or new weapons come out, you will be able to alter your load out without the need for glue. We’ve included the standard weapon load out in this kit but given there’s over 230,000 potential weapon combinations, we’ll be in touch with all pre-sale patrons afterwards to ask for your help to compile the first 1:100 scale weapon kits.

Then to complete your Arrow diorama, you will find also 2 pilots (walking and seated).

Additional elements included in this kit are, waterslide decals, 50 3mm neodynium magnets, plastic tweezers for wrestling those tiny magnets, 800grit sandpaper, build instructions, paint colour guide and lore booklet.