We strive for perfection. For more detail. For more fidelity. For more functionality. For more. Our purpose is to better every project we undertake.

Our journey started with a fan project, a full-size Artek GSS spacesuit locker which won JR MVP; led to a license agreement with CIG allowing us to create, build and merchandise amazing projects for CIG as well as the community. We’ve attended and built props for 3 CitizenCons, 6 FanCons, and too many BarCitizens to count. Our story is far from over.

Licensing Agreement

We are proud to have a licensing agreement with Cloud Imperium for Star Citizen props and furniture from across the verse. It’s something we work hard on and are always looking at new products for CIG to license. Currently our focus is the model kits, but if you have a great idea let us know.

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Our journey started at a FanCon and the community is close to our hearts. We attend as many events as possible. We love to support with donations of kits and models for competitions and can’t wait to get back to meeting people again soon. 

We continue to be blown away by the support from our community. Huge appreciation to those who have backed us since the early days, who give us feedback and help steer us on the next ships. We value your ongoing support. 

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None of this would be possible without an amazing team of people helping us along the way, handpicked from across the community. So thank you James, MyzrableG, RyeGlitch, StevenTheGeek, Thenon, Ungineer and WestbrookDrew. We couldn’t do this without you.