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Welcome to the JRD+F Store, here you can find our current
range of products. If there’s product that you’re looking for
that we don’t currently offer we also offer a bespoke service.


Kit Models

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1:40 Greycat PTV Kit Model [Pre-Order] [RRP - £55.00]

1:40 Greycat Industrial PTV Kit Model from the Star Citizen™ universe.

Greycat Industrial would like to help you relive the good old days of hanger racing in the comfort of your own hab with this tabletop model of the PTV. This 1:40 scale kit model allows you to recreate your favourite personal transport vehicle from in the verse and paint it to match your own personal style.

The pieces within this kit model are 3d printed on a high resolution SLA printer and feature exceptionally high detail components. Each piece is individually scaffolded for secure transport and will require clean-up, assembly and painting similar to other kit models. A full detailed video tutorial for assembly will be available prior to shipping of kit model.

A limited number of pre-ordered kits are available at the reduced price of £50.00 (+tax+shipping), a saving of £5.00 off RRP.



Immerse yourself in the Star Citizen universe with our range of Star Citizen furniture. All products are hand-crafted with passion and precision and we aim to keep our furniture as accurate as possible to the in-game asset.

Costs include full customisation with your favourite in-game brands.

6-unit PC Crate

Dreamed of building your ultimate Star Citizen themed PC? This full scale 6-unit crate is designed to fit ATX and smaller motherboards and comes complete with working touch screen to power on and monitor temperatures and performance.

Prices starting at £785.00

6-unit Mini Fridge Crate

No games room is complete without a mini fridge for snacks & drinks. Our 6-unit mini fridge crate is perfect for any Star Citizen who wants to lock their snacks away with functional touch screen locking mechanism.

Prices start at £685.00

6-unit Storage Crate

Looking for a functional yet fashionable storage crate, large enough to fit your hopes and dreams? Our 6-unit storage crate comes has a functional touch screen locking mechanism to keep those pirates or UEE officials out! .

Prices start at £565.00

Outpost PC Desk

Want to bring an outpost to your home then look no further than this customisable desk with a curved end panel and special features to allow you to set up and admire the PC of your dreams.

Complimentary Furniture

Looking for that fully immersive experience to bring Star Citizen to your home or office? Then look no further than our range of customisable outpost inspired furniture. From standard desks, to drawer units and cupboards to complete your installation you really can bring the verse to life.

Also available is the GSS Artek unit - never forget when you left your spacesuit, coat or shoes with this unit taking pride of place in your hab.

Looking for a product that we don’t offer?
We also offer a bespoke service!

Want to find out more about our design & manufacturing process? Check out our blog!