1:200 Freelancer Resources

Anything and everything to do with the putting together and painting your freelancer model kit.

Freelancer Resources

1:200 Freelancer MAX Resources

Check out the instructions for putting this bad boy together. If you're looking to paint that classic orange, you'll also find some colour reference pics.  

MAXimum Details Here

1:40 Dragonfly Resources

Whether its build instructions you're looking for, or inspiration from awesome community paint jobs, you'll find it here.

Dragonfly Inspiration

1:100 Arrow Resources

The Arrow is a model which really benefits from magnets to interchange those wings whenever you like.  All the information you need is here to make this popular fighter fly.

Fly Arrow Fly. Or Land. You decide. Or Not.

Greycat PTV Resources

The PTV was the first thing many of us got to actually play with in our hangars so it was only right that this was the first Model Kit we made. 

Take your PTV for a spin