1:500 Anvil CARRACK

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Take Your Freelancers On A Mission

And Take Your Ground Vehicle With You!

1:200 Range

YellowJacket or Black?

With your own Drake Dragonfly Model Kit, the choice is yours.

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Arrow Model Kit (1:100)Arrow Model Kit (1:100)
Freelancer MAX Model Kit (1:200)Freelancer MAX Model Kit (1:200)
Dragonfly Kit Model (1:40)Dragonfly Kit Model (1:40)
Cyclone TR Model Kit (1:40)Cyclone TR Model Kit (1:40)
Cyclone RC Model Kit (1:40)Cyclone RC Model Kit (1:40)
Freelancer DUR Kit Model (1:200)Freelancer DUR Kit Model (1:200)

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